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I totally loved 9hrs, it was a stark contrast between all those old, dusty inns I was in beforewards to this totally designed environment. It really felt like I was being pampered with the goodness of design.

From 9hrs

The capsules itself were bigger than I expected, and was really comfortable for my standards (I sleep very easily.. fyi). There’s a control panel, that I keep wanting to talk to and ask for it to materialise coffee — anyway, it has an alarm and ‘sleep’ button. As you press ‘sleep’ the yellowish light would dim very very slowly, lulling you to sleep… i kid you not. The ‘alarm’ on the other hand, is a blinding white light that wakes you up, but not in an alarmed kind of a way, i suspect it turns on gently as well.

Each shower rooms as shown above, connects to another corridor at the back where it leads to a shared public hot bath. I was quite impressed (and privileged) that a hot bath is still made available.

In terms of sleeping, it was an experience on its own to sleep next to 20-30 odd strangers next to your capsule. You hear occasional coughs and twist/turn, but not too much noise otherwise. I was trying to think how it is on the men’s quarters, whether there would be more snoring and such.

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