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Beach fireworks. Kamakura.

Kamakura Fireworks. 

Unusual sky colours. Kamakura fireworks 2012. 

— Thought of going to Yokohama, because it’s only 24 minutes away from where I stay, but then realised that Kamakura is on the same direction but further away
— The train ride to Kamakura (and back) was pleasant, especially as it is autumn where the sun is gentler.. going through rows of houses and buildings, and looking at little lanes and cars, with the familiar train noises, feels peaceful and secure..
— Except that I had this back pain and headache, which kind of distracted my trip to Kamakura

— As I got there I rented a mamachari, a term for bikes mums use
— Found this main shopping street with lots of food vendors, bought mochi on skewers with powdery sesame topping, cracker dipped in soya sauce (way too salty), and kuroketto (croquette) with chocolate inside!! it was a bit weird but not bad
— went to a small temple and a big temple
— It was ok but a bit boring, I think the Chinese do a much better job
— lunch at a small cafe that serves kare rice, pork kare rice in fact, but not crumbed pork. It was fatty goodness, but the rest were pretty ordinary. The annoying thing was they decided to play this one brazillian song over and over the whole time I was there
— Headache was getting worse, so went back to the town centre to the pharmacy, and got medicine which made me feel a lot better and somewhat relaxed. I found out much later that they are in fact, pain killers
— Rode to the beach! Much pleasant I feel

— is a port city, somewhat similar feel to Perth where there are lots of open spaces and big roads
— Reached it just before the sun sets, some great views over the sea and there’s this great big wind mill quite a distance away
— found an old red brick building/warehouse that I almost ignored and walk off from
— Luckily I got myself in which was an arts/crafts market, not many items of interest, but it was interesting
— Did the ritual walk around the block to find an art gallery called Bankart1929
— Industrial urban cool in about 3 floors of space, weathered concrete floor and all that, it is refreshing to see compared to slick and white galleries that I’ve been so far
— Paid Y1000 for an exhibition of this Japanese avant-garde artist I have no idea of, and it was pretty wasteful
— But I’d pay to go around the space anyhow

— to Pecha kucha at superdeluxe
— was in this train cart when I heard unusually loud metal clanking noises, and knew something was up. Especially when the train slowed down in the middle of the trip too..
— a mechanic went into the cart that I was in and opened one of the panels in the corner, then ran back to the driver
Then I heard an announcement, which I couldn’t quite get because he was talking quite fast but I heard alot of ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’
— lo and behold, the train broke down and we had to wait 20 minutes!
— Which was quite amusing actually, it felt like it would be a once in a lifetime sort of experience
— Every 2 or 3 minutes they would have an announcment, and each one would have both thank you and apologies all over
— in the end the broken down train moved slowly out of the way

From pecha kucha at superdeluxe

— missed the first half because of a late JAPANESE train
— Saw 5 speakers: A Japanese architect, Japanese artist, American artist, Swedish product designer, and british architect based in Tokyo
— All of them were interesting¬† except for the british architect (who actually organised the show), whose work was really safe and boring and so lacking in any kind of stimulation
— Like a cinderella, rushed back to train station at about 11pm..

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