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Arrived in New Chitose airport. Took train to Minami-Chitose. Changed train at Minami-Chitose, supposedly to Hakodate direction – but took the opposite way instead, took me about 1.5 hours to realise. Other than that minor issue, train rides in Hokkaido during winter is nothing short of magical (for someone from non-snow country). 

Rode to Tachikawa Immigration Office the day after the heavy snow. Quiet bike ride through mostly residential areas, small shops, and occasional farms or plantations. It was a little tricky at times with the slippery, mushy snow, though in most cases there would be a cleared path by previous pedestrians or other bike riders.

It has been unusually cold the last 2 days but I never suspected snow would fall big time. I woke up to see out my window and yelled expletives as I saw white landscape with snow falling in massive loads. Within 5 minutes I was outside to greet it. 

At this point I went back home for awhile to recharge with spicy Korean instant noodle, and when I finally got out again the snow has already stopped (which was better for the camera…)

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce