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Today I did my first part-time design job. Nothing to brag about as I was only doing production/template stuff, but I was pretty stoked about it. I also realised that it has indeed been a long time since I’m in a design studio, working away… Other than my desk. 

Tomorrow, as a contrast, I will be working from 8am in the morning in the heat of the kitchen. 

Strange buildings

I didn’t have time to check this store out, but will definitely do in the near future!

Outdoor installation or some sorts.. 

Love these! At a store called MHT (I think)

Drooping shadows next to Ikebukuro Station

On another note. Today I did a short bike ride to Ikebukuro station, which was about 3 km away — so I can just take one train line to go to Omotesando. As suspected, I couldn’t legally park my bike anywhere within the radius of 1km or so to the station (although there are heaps of bikes next to ‘no parking’ signs, but I’m not taking risks). After following a bunch of not so clear wayfinding signage, I manage to find a special bike parking spot.

No one was there, and there were no signs saying I should pay or anything — and so I though, oh that’s nice. And left my bike there.

4 hours later I came back and found an empty space where my bike was! I was horrified at first, but I remember locking my bike frame + seat + back wheel together — surely anyone would spot a suspicious person trying to take away a bike in that condition. 

I asked nearest elderly security guard, and he pointed another building where there are more bikes inside. I spoke to the staff, and he replied ‘Ah yes, you. Blue bike yes? You’re supposed to pay ¥150.. etc etc there’s your bike there under the stairs’ (note: etc etc = other things he said that I don’t quite get) 

And so I learned. 

Ueno / Sunlight / Defunct escalator

I just edited my navigation (again) so I can have bigger images.. hmm. 

Things behind the sun (Nick Drake)

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce